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Northamptonshire Police

The Gang Awareness Game

Northampton School for Girls, the winners of Northamptonshire Police's 2022 County Schools Challenge came up with the concept for a multiple choice game. The project was awarded funding by the OPFCC to help make their idea become a reality.

The interactive game allows players to choose a customisable character and play through a series of story scenarios. Each scenario presents players with choices along the way that affect how the game unfolds and includes integrated messages of advice about gangs and criminal exploitation throughout.


The Chester House Estate Logo

Bringing learning to life

Nominated for Culture, Heritage and Environment changemaker of the year award 2023 at The Changemaker Awards 2023 (University of Northampton).


The Chester House Estate interactive heritage app delivers a 3D interactive educational experience for its visitors that includes unique augmented reality, GPS located archaeological object trails that exhibit excavated finds from the site to your mobile phone.

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EYVE project
University of Northampton logo

Early Years Virtual Environment

Funded by the University of Northampton’s Learning and Innovation Fund in 2021. The interactive simulation was created for trainee early years tutors to ideate bespoke learning environments in preparation for their use within a real world setting. By doing so, users could gain feedback and guidance from seasoned professionals without the need for their physcial presence (in response to Covid-19).

The simulation allows users to build, select and place digital versions of objects typically found in an early years classroom. Once complete, users are able to roam, delete or photograph their results for sharing purposes.


The National Fire Chiefs Council

The Business Fire Safety Awareness Tool

Runner-up for the innovation award at the Regulatory excellence awards by the Office for product safety and standards 2022. Nominated for Student innovation award at The Changemaker awards 2022 (University of Northampton).

The gaming based learning experience approaches UK fire safety protocol, law and guidance for business premise owners and responsible persons in the UK. It includes gameplay such as hazard spotting, rectifying and notifying as well as useful hints, tips and opportunities for recieving further information by your local Fire and Rescue service.


VR Therapies
VR Therapies Logo

Swimming with Dolphins

VR therapies teamed up with the University of Northampton to create an underwater virtual reality experience for children with special needs & adults with disabilities.

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