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Skills Deck

Our Builders have extensive experience in the following software packages and suites, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

Games Development

Game Development is our foundation. Builders Brew's Leadership team bring decades of experience from working within Art, Design, Programming & Production within the Games industry into every project. We guide our dedicated developers from conceptualising ideas all the way to user testing and release to ensure that the production goals of our clients are adhered to, and on time.

App Development

Our extensive experience developing Mobile and Tablet Games means that Builders Brew possesses the skills and knowledge required to design applications for a variety of platforms and devices. We use an array of the latest software and production methodolgies to develop high-quality and unique applications for a wide range of clients.


Through experimentation, research and development we have acquired hundreds of hours of experience capturing, computing and re-working 3D meshes from a range of photogrammetry setups and software. We have produced high-quality artefacts for Architecture, 3D Visualisation and Archaeology and develop bespoke applications to exhibit them in all their glory.

Photogrammetry at the ARC

Virtual Reality

From Therapy to Education we have developed Virtual Reality solutions to help our clients deliver immersive and impactful experiences for their users. We are passionate and dedicated to using our creative and technical skills to develop engaging, inclusive and accesible solutions for the good of the people who use them. We utilise three, six or seven degrees of freedom to create bespoke products with a variety of motion sensory needs.

Rebecca Gill VR

Augmented Reality

We have a wide range of experience delivering Augmented Reality artefacts and applications to our clients. We use GPS, QR Codes and/or Image recognition to place exisiting, historical and imaginary objects into the technology of our clients choice.

From budget options to high end 3D scanning we are able to capture the beauty of the real world and bring it into the digital one.

Research & Development

From decades in a wide range of Higher and Further Education Insitutions our Leadership team have an abundance of teaching, development and research experience. We share a close relationship with the University of Northampton and Staffordshire University through our involvement in the Games and Animation programmes. If your project requires creative and innovative thought, we are exactly the team you need.

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