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We are Builders Brew, an award-nominated Games Development company focused on supporting new talent. Led by decades of development experience and infused by budding new talent, we provide unique and impactful technologies that meet the bespoke needs of our clients needs.


"A beautiful Dolphin was built and animated for us at VR therapies, helping support kids with special needs & adults with disabilities. Amazing work, amazing people, thank you again!"

Rebecca Gill

Founder of VR Therapies

Our Services

Our Services

Builders Brew offer a wide range of impactful immersive technologies to meet the bespoke needs of our clients.


Whether you need Game Art, Design or Programming skills we have the expertise to achieve your goals.


Android, IOS, Phone or Tablet we have the experience to make your projects succeed.

Augmented Reality

GPS, QR code or Image recognition we have the versitility to meet your requirements.

Virtual Reality

However many degrees of freedom required, we have the skills to make your project a reality.


From Scanning to redefining topology, we have the dedication to capture your attention.

Research & Development

From Data collection to analysis & publication, your needs are our number one priority.

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